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Keep bumping this and related threads to keep the issue on Turtle Rock/2k's radar. Sadly this will only work when you are in the current lobby with them. Edit: won't work in game, you need to be in the lobby with them to find them.This is located in steam when you goto your profile, select friends, you should see all your friends and above that is 4 tabs, one is recently played with.If Turtle Rock/2k care about the health of Evolve's community, they should get it working ASAP.The only thing we can do is apply persistent pressure.

This change will come into force with the PC 1.0 launch tomorrow morning, but writing on a new dev blog post, Bluehole said:"We’ve heard your feedback regarding the leaderboard instability and rank update issues.Thank you for your understanding.- Start: Dec 20 4PM PST / Dec 21 1AM CET- End: Dec 20 11PM PST / Dec 21 8AM CET"This means players can will now be unable to get back on the game for an extra two hours - so bear that in mind if you planned on playing from 11pm tonight.Players keen to see what the 1.0 version of PUBG will bring to the title may have to wait until tomorrow morning to get their hands on the updated version of the game, but in the meantime, you can sample the upcoming changes in the games Test Server.I agree that such a feature is critical for this game yet it either doesn't exist or no one has any clue how to access it easily.Either way, it is a must have for this game & it's community.

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