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Building work on the Gherkin is completed: Foster and Shuttleworth’s distinctively shaped office building instantly becomes a London landmark.

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Computer software and the internet have democratised creatively: everyone's an artist now. This was the decade of the whirlwind recommendation, when a song or an image, a film clip or a piece of writing could be shared instantly and praised or attacked by anyone - right here, right now.More sane responses came later in John Updike’s Terrorist, work by Asian novelists such as Mohsin Hamid, and John Adams’s On the Transmigration of Souls.Anthony d’Offay Gallery closes: After decades of mounting blue-chip shows of contemporary artists such as Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons and Gilbert and George, the art dealer calls it a day.Beautifully constructed, superbly functional and weirdly addictive, its little white ear buds became the most ubiquitous musical status symbol of the decade.In nine years, more than 220 million i Pods have been sold worldwide.

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