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The fast-casual pizza chain now has 302 locations, more than doubling its size over the last two years.

"It's been fun and exhilarating, but wild is a good way of describing it," Svenson said.

It may feel like she is trying to take charge of your recovery.

In a minute I’ll explain what she doesn’t need to know.

Compare Kick the Son of a Bitch, where a Kick the Dog moment seems to be perfectly justified to the audience, due to the Asshole Victim, and The Family for the Whole Family. For when this is treated in-universe as a terrible thing, see Felony Misdemeanor. The polar opposite to this trope is Moral Event Horizon.

For a trope about literal poodles, see Psycho Poodle. Captain Mc Gillicutty: What are those ritual summoning words?! Strong Sad: So for this year, I was thinking we could make everyone a cinnamon-apple crisp, but tell them it's a ginger-apple crumble. But we could get in some serious trouble for this one.

In the most recent round of funding, the fast-casual pizza chain raised million from existing investors, including PWP Growth Equity and Fidelity Management & Research Company.

Fear that you may lose your job because of a slip at work. But you are supposed to be in control of your recovery, right? Related: Life After Porn–5 Things My Husband Did to Rebuild Trust But if you can get rid of those toxic ideas, and recognize you are stronger than some may want you to think you are, your marriage can survive and even thrive!

Even wives of sex addicts farther along in recovery may still be living in fear, or that old fear may creep up again, if you aren’t keeping her in the know about your recovery. Maybe not, and your marriage will suffer–or end–if this is the case.

If the latter comes up in his list of offenses, it's Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking.

When the Poodle Poking is used as a punishment, it's Cool and Unusual Punishment. A lot of jokes about Digital Piracy Is Evil are built this way.

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