Greg rikaart and christian leblanc dating

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Our executive producer Jill Farren Phelps and I had exchanged family stories about our real lives.

So she said, “I have a story for you.” I didn’t rush to find out what it was.

Any women, or any wife, would tell you that men will not go to the doctor for this unless the arm is literally dangling from them.

It’s a big problem, and if it’s anything to do with sexuality or urology, or any of those issues, it’s even less likely that men will go see a doctor. ” When you have a hard story, or something that is difficult to tell, I want to have the opportunity to tell it, and I want them to give it to me to play.

(Laughs) I knew Christian would be amazing, and it would be an amazing storyline for him.

Listen, for me, and what I have said to our writers, is that we like it messy, and we like to play the emotion.

” (Laughs) But then I talked to Shelly Altman and Jean Passanante (former head writers, Y&R) and they were very excited about this story.sat down with the duo who are known best by Y&R fans as “Likey”, a Daytime Emmy winner also, Tracey E.Bregman, and Christian Le Blanc, for this insightful conversation on the complexities, long range story ramifications, and the possibilities that playing this kind of important, impactful, and emotional storyline has for this beloved long time on-screen couple, and how the series and the actors hope it will shed light on a cancer that raises so many issues for the man going through it, and those he loves.It’s a very sensitive area, and they wanted to sort of touch this third rail of manhood. MICHAEL: Tracey, when did you find what the storyline was actually going to be?What did you think when you knew they were handing Christian the ball with this one? Jill told me, but told me not to say anything to Christian, because they wanted to tell him, and so, I avoided him like the plaque!

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