Clever usernames for dating sites

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Ok Cupid asked its users to come up with names, and so they did—and even the kind of awkward ones helped cement the site’s vibe.

Do only people with clever screennames deserve dating success? The blog post includes a graphic of “usernames we will miss” and “usernames we will not miss,” but there’s not much to distinguish those that meet OKC’s approval from those that don’t: Beauty Mssing Beast is on the nice list, but suuperlonelyman is on the naughty one, which seems fairly arbitrary.

Keeping straight all the guys named “Dave” on any dating platform.

Lucky Mouse, Crazy Cat Lady, Cunning Lamb or any other favorite animal is ideal for nature admires.There are more great nicknames to use on this list: Lovemakingfriend Queen Kong – or you can Play upon words once more and develop your own variant out of this idea. Pringles, accompanied by a pic will appear a perfect nickname for witty users. For more geek fun read our post about funny Instagram hashtags.Actually, searching for funny nicknames, I burst out laughing while reading a gamers’ forum. Beef_sister/Pork_brother and any other of this kind. Willy_ Foo_Foo will come clumsy and sweet at the same time. Big Black Clock – can’t even imagine what story is hidden behind this nickname. Penguin Hugger – hum, one might love penguins very much. Tomato Ghost – looks like someone always gets so sad while preparing a tomato! My Flash Drive32GB – well, one should really love his flash drive to use such a nickname. Granny’s Tuna – it looks like this dish was super delicious to be in mind forever. And what funny and cute nicknames have you come across?In its latest attempt to rejoin the rest of us in the Tinder era, dating site Ok Cupid is getting rid of usernames.That’s not shocking at a time when online anonymity isn’t just an occasional annoyance but a legitimate threat to democracy, but it is curious in one way: In its blog post announcing the change, Ok Cupid seemed to go out of its way to mock its own users.

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