Age gap dating uk

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You even set your searches on dating sites based on age.

However, I think we could all benefit from having a more relaxed attitude to age gaps.

One of the concerns of relationships with age disparities in some cultures is a perceived difference between people of different age ranges.

These differences may be sexual, financial or social in nature. Socially, a society with a difference in wealth distribution between older and younger people may affect the dynamics of the relationship.

In Liverpool, singles would happily date someone who had a 25 year age difference, much like the over 55s.

Sarah Beeny, founder of My Single and TV personality commented: "When it comes to dating, everyone seems to have their magic numbers - the age range they would consider dating.

The study found that, as supported by other academic studies, most men preferred younger, physically attractive women, while most women, of any age, preferred successful, established men their age or older.

The study found very few instances of older women pursuing much younger men and vice versa.

In August 2010, Michael Dunn of the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff completed and released the results of a study on age disparity in dating.

Parental Investment Theory refers to the value that is placed on a potential mate based on reproductive potential and reproductive investment.

The theory predicts that preferred mate choices have evolved to focus on reproductive potential and reproductive investment of members of the opposite sex.

Many men would date someone up to ten years younger than themselves, compared to women who would settle at no more than four.

British women seek out an older more mature man than a toy boy.

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